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Proving myself...

I'm serious about this posting thing.  Really, I am.  I actually tried to post something a couple nights ago, but I couldn't remember my password. 

Yes, that's how long it's been.  Anyway, on to the real meat of the post...


At night, I enter the crazy, wacky, absolutely nonsensical world of dreams.  It happens most nights, but I have to sleep for longer than six hours to really remember the dreams, so it's been a bit sparse for the last, oh, two years or so.  When I do get a couple more hours of sleep, though, I inevitably come out of dreamland still carrying a dream or two - barely clinging, fragile memories that can easily slip away into forgetfulness if I don't make an effort to remember them.  Oh, and my dreams are weird. 

Last night, for instance, I dreamed about living in a house that was much like my current house, but as usual, it was slightly different in some way.  This first part of the dream involved the theft of my bicycle, which I then saw someone riding later.  I proceeded to tackle the person riding the bike (after a chase scene worthy of the corniest, cheesiest movie you've ever seen), and took the bike home.  At this point, my car is in the garage, but we're having a garage sale and my car disappears.  All the items for the sale are still in the garage (and suddenly one side of the garage has become an open wall with tarps covering the opening), but my car is missing.  It takes me a dream-day to realize that someone actually might have stolen the car, but at that point, I can't find a number for the police to report the crime - and I'm also beginning to wake up.

And that's a pretty mild dream for me.  I remember dreams I've had about rappelling from rooftops because it was the only way to enter the house (it was built with the door right up against the sea), watching friends manage giant houses of nothing but stairs and banisters (which children are perpetually climbing up and then sliding down), and riding trains filled with shrunken-headed people (trying to shrink my head, too!).  Some are a bit scary, but most are just the kind of dreams that make you shake your head and think: That came from my head?  Crazy.

Perhaps my dreams are a manifestation of my anxieties about things that have happened or are about to happen in my life that I'm not dealing with or don't know I'm anxious about, but I don't really put much faith in that idea.  Generally, if I'm worried about something, I know it.  However, I do think that the brain works things out while we sleep and sorts all the information we've taken in for the day.  Dreams are an extension of this working-it-out process.  We are constantly taking in all the new and strange things in the real world around us - it's only natural that our brains would throw it all together in a mixed-up pot of ideas and images.  We are linear, narrative-loving people, and our dreams reflect that. 

I love dreaming.  It's one of my favorite parts of going to sleep.  But I have to admit, there's a certain relief in waking up to realize that all the nonsense was just in my head.  Like Alice going down the rabbit hole - it's nice to get away from reality for a while, but eventually, all you really want is some good old, down-to-earth common sense.